Deckee partners with Seabin to educate boaters on cleaning up the oceans

8th October 2020

Deckee has integrated the locations of Seabins into both its mobile app and online map to help its users learn more about the innovative technology and how it is helping clean up the oceans.

Described as the ultimate boating companion, the Deckee app provides a unique combination of crowdsourced updates, official safety alerts and data from maritime authorities, along with weather conditions, aids to navigation, vessel tracking and more. Deckee is officially endorsed and recommended to boaters in Australia by government agencies such as Transport for NSW and Marine and Safety Tasmania.

The integration of Seabin markers in Deckee means boaters, and all waterway users, can see the precise locations of installed Seabins, how they work, and the impact they are having on cleaning up the oceans.

This follows recent enhancements to the Deckee app which included the addition of official marine park zones, habitat conservation areas and fishing restriction zones around Australia.

Pete Ceglinski, co-founder of Seabin Project, believes that “the more awareness we can create around the issue of rubbish in our ocean, through collaborations such as this one with Deckee, the better the outcome for all.” He stressed the importance of community support and involvement, especially from those who use and enjoy the waterways on a regular basis.

A Seabin is basically a rubbish bin crossed with a pool skimmer that filters the surface of the water in a marina. It collects floating rubbish, microplastics and petroleum-based oily pollutants from our waterways, preventing them from entering our oceans, where they can have significant harm on marine life. A Seabin can catch an estimated 1.4 tons per year or 3.9kg per day of floating litter. It is capable of collecting 5L bottles, microplastics as small as 2mm and surface oils.

Deckee Founder and Chief Executive, Mike McKiernan, said “This partnership with Seabin Project is the perfect example of Deckee acting as a platform to help the 200 million people that go boating on our oceans every year, better understand our aquatic environment and the relationship and responsibilities we have to them. We’re excited to support the Seabin Project and the incredible work they are doing to clean up our oceans.”

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