Deckee is now the official boating app of Western Australia

1st December 2020 Mike McKiernan

Today is a momentous day for Deckee, but also an exciting milestone for the recreational boating industry and boating safety in general.

We are beyond excited to announce that Deckee is now the official boating app of Western Australia, and the exclusive boating app to be endorsed by Maritime Western Australia.

As the 2020-21 boating season in WA begins, this partnership is the latest marine safety initiative of the Department of Transport, and continues Deckee’s national expansion as the definitive, borderless boating safety app. 

This partnership is designed to give WA boaters all the tools and information they need to stay safe and informed while using the state’s waterways, by providing free, up-to-date safety information in an interactive, map based format. 

Tragically, in the last decade to July 2020 there have been 63 recreational boating deaths in WA, including six in the last financial year (2019-20), meaning the safety of local boaters has never been greater. What’s more, there are approximately 100,000 registered recreational vessels in WA and more than 260,000 Recreational Skipper’s Ticket holders - that’s a huge number of boaters that will now benefit from Deckee.

For the average boater, specialist marine navigation software and mobile apps are hard to set up and can appear complicated with many advanced features that most boaters rarely use. Deckee offers a free, simple yet comprehensive tool that contains all the relevant local data for WA boaters, including aids to navigation, speed zones, aquatic activity boundaries, courtesy moorings, boat ramps and webcams. 

On behalf of Deckee’s incredible team and supporters, we are delighted to partner with Maritime WA to deliver safety information and education for boaters and skippers using the state’s waterways. The boating season is a busy time – we are calling on anyone who is regularly out on the water in WA, whether for work or pleasure, to download the Deckee app and stay safe. 

– Mike McKiernan, Deckee Founder & CEO