Creating a Brand for Safe Boating

22nd September 2020 Mike McKiernan

In 2015, launched as a place where boaters could share their knowledge and experiences with one another online.

What started as an idea that came to me while working at the local marina has now transformed into something bigger and more meaningful than I ever imagined. Deckee is now an interactive boating guide with aids to navigation, weather conditions and points of interest, and the home of official alerts and notices from participating maritime authorities.

And in more recent times, what we have come to understand is the utility that Deckee now provides to the boating community has outgrown the original Deckee brand.

Over the past few months we have thought a lot about the essence of Deckee, and the mission behind what we do – to help boaters stay safe and informed on the water.

What gradually became apparent was we didn't need to just evolve the Deckee brand to reflect our growing community and responsibilities. We were also designing a brand for Safe Boating – a visual identity that could embody this crucial message to all boating interests, geographies, and skill levels, in a relatable and approachable way.

Safety and community are the fundamental ideas that define Deckee today, but the way we’ve represented Deckee to the world until now hasn’t fully captured this.

4 Brand Qualities

We’ve established four qualities that we feel personify Deckee as the ultimate boating companion, and can help us deliver our vision for safer boating.


Deckee is inclusive to all types of boating, from fishing to sailing to paddling. Deckee was founded as a community platform for crowd-sourced information, and sharing knowledge and experiences with one another is still intrinsic to our purpose.


To help keep people safe on the water, we also need to inspire and enable everyone to get out there. Deckee is on hand to help our users escape the everyday — exploring the marine environment whilst living an extraordinary lifestyle.


We obsess over every detail of Deckee to ensure it is intuitive, easy-to-use and practical. Deckee combines what was previously many different utilities into the one app, creating valuable assistance to those on the water.


Deckee exists to give boaters the information and guidance they need to be water wise. When using Deckee we want boaters to be informed on the weather, know about the places they are going and what they need to be aware of along the way, and most importantly, make sure they are up-to-date with the latest alerts and notices from Maritime Authorities.

All hands on Deckee

In addition to a fresh look, we now have a more cohesive, professional and uniquely identifiable brand presence for Deckee in the maritime world, which we can easily implement across different channels and materials. However from an altruistic standpoint, our hope is that over time this visual system can become a universally appreciated and understood identity for boating safety.

If you are involved in a Maritime Authority or Boating Industry Organisation, our message is this: we are ready to collaborate with you and drive measurable safety outcomes. Now is the time to start leveraging mobile technology as a key channel in long-term safety strategies aiming to reduce accidents and deaths on our waterways.

– Mike, Founder and CEO

A special thank you to my talented friend Amanda, Director at Shorthand Studio, for your creative vision, and Deckee's Head of Community, Eugenie, for your help in bringing this together.