Yamaha F70

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Five years on and the Yamaha F70A outboard motor still has no directly competing marine engine

Andrew Norton
Reviewed Oct 2016
At first glance the Yamaha F70A outboard could be mistaken for being an uprated version of the FT60D. It has the same base engine and gear ratio but that’s where the similarity ends. Instead of two valves per cylinder there are four, though still operated by a single belt-driven overhead camshaft and compact rocker arms. Because at 18.7mm the exhaust valve diameter is less than that in the FT60D the two valves only need one rocker arm to actuate them. At 24.5mm the intake valve diameter is much greater so one rocker arm per valve is needed. Three rocker arms operating four valves. Very clever!
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no surprise that it’s one of the most popular marine engines on mid-sized boats

Kevin Smith
Reviewed Oct 2016
Adding to the F70’s impressive performance and economy, Yamaha has recently released its new Command Link 6YC colour HD LCD gauge and the new 703 remote control.

The Command-Link 6YC is now compatible with all Yamaha EFI outboards, from the F30 all the way to the Yamaha F350 and is suitable for single and twin applications. The slim flush-mount gauge has a good-sized screen and tracks engine revs, fuel levels, fuel burn, fuel economy, engine water pressure, surface water temperature and more besides.

The new 703 remote control box will most certainly please Yamaha users as it features an updated appearance, new ergonomic grip, new reversible handle for use on right-hand or left-hand installations, as well as the new rotatable grip allowing operation of the power trim and tilt switch with the thumb of either hand. The updated color scheme then complements the rest of the Yamaha rigging line...
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