Yamaha F6

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The most powerful single-cylinder four-stroke portable outboard available

Andrew Norton
Reviewed Nov 2016
The unit’s tiller-arm folds back alongside the upper cowl and a dual push-pull throttle-cable is used for reliability. Unlike the direct competition, the Yamaha F6C portable outboard motor can be stowed on either side, a useful quality if it is transported in a small car boot. Large handles fore and aft also make carrying the F6C easy, another useful addition since it’s the heaviest of the four-stroke sixes.

Yamaha has obviously used the Suzuki DF6 outboard as a reference point and improved on the idea. At 139cc the piston displacement is only 1cc greater with the same bore and stroke measurements. However, the Yamaha F6C develops a full 6.0hp at only 5000rpm compared to 5.9hp at 5250rpm for the Suzy. The Tohatsu 123cc four-stroke MFS 6B and Mariner/Mercury F6 engines also develop 5.9hp at 5500rpm...
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