Yamaha F150

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Speed versus revs is another impressive characteristic

Kevin Smith
Reviewed Oct 2016
Although the Noosa Cat 2400 runs exceptionally well with power as low as 115hp and has a recommended rating of twin 130hp outboard motors, I reckon shelling out a bit more for twin Yamaha F150s would definitely be the way to go.

Perfectly matched to this boat, the twin Yamaha F150 outboard motors provide unrivalled power throughout the rev range yet purr away on the transom without overworking themselves. Featuring a 2.7-litre inline four-cylinder configuration with double overhead camshafts and four valves per cylinder, on the Noosa Cat 2400 the Yamaha F150 outboards deliver an impressive holeshot, perky top end, really good fuel economy in the middle of the rev range, and run smoothly and still pretty quietly even at higher revs...
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