Yamaha F100

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Easily handled our 1250kg total displacement (including three adults)

Andrew Norton
Reviewed Oct 2016
Despite a piston displacement that’s eight per cent smaller than the Yamaha F115A, the F100D felt almost as powerful, though lacking a variable intake valve clearance meant it didn’t quite have the holeshot of newer-generation engines like the Honda BF90D. But the Yamaha F100D’s holeshot and mid-range performance was still adequate for crossing bars and getting the boat out of danger when required.

There were a couple of specific aspects that really impressed me: the engine’s ability to maintain a clean plane at 3500rpm while punching into 1m head seas; and the fact there was no prop ventilation and the engine maintained its rev range (without needing to open the throttle) when the Haines Hunter was put through tight figure-eight turns at 4000rpm...
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