Yamaha 50H

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Still offers plenty of practicality for modern boaters

Andrew Norton
Reviewed Nov 2016
I was recently at Mitchells Island on the Manning River near Taree, NSW, reviewing a prototype of a new 5m foam sandwich fishing boat. Nigel, the owner, had a lifetime’s experience building inboard timber launches and this particular boat — a Fission 500 as he called it — was powered by a manual-start Yamaha 50H.

The engine had already had a hard life on an oyster punt before Nigel acquired it, and it hadn’t been run for almost a year before the test. Consequently, the fuel was a bit stale, but after a couple of tugs of the recoil starter the engine roared to life. Despite extended idling periods between performance trials, the engine didn’t miss a beat. It was only after 15 minutes or more of idling and trolling that oil smoke started to appear on the post break-in (10 hours on 25:1) mix of unleaded petrol and oil (make unknown) at 50:1.

The long multifunction tiller arm with upfront gearshift was a delight to use, especially as the review hull had a helm seat mounted to starboard, situated just ahead of the Yammie. Similarly, the gas-assist tilt cylinder made tilting the engine a very easy task...
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