Yamaha 40V

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A consistently good performer over the years

Andrew Norton
Reviewed Nov 2016
The review Yamaha 40V was mounted on a Savage 435 Bay Cruiser spinning a 12in pitch Yamaha alloy prop and pushing 600kg including two adults. This was the maximum rated power for this aluminium runabout.

Starting instantly hot or cold, the 40V blew oil smoke only on cold starting. Providing the antiventilation plate was kept at least three quarters immersed, power astern was good and no cooling water starvation occurred.

The standard side-mount Yamaha remote control box had smooth and positive shifting into forward or reverse gear. When trolling, the noise and vibration levels were much lower than 40X models I’ve tested in the past and only at or near wide open throttle did the 40V become relatively noisy due to carbie induction roar...
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