Yamaha 30D

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A true legend of its two-stroke outboard motor range

Andrew Norton
Reviewed Nov 2016
Since 1986 I’ve spent a fair amount of time using Yamaha 30D outboard engines. Although they’ve enjoyed modifications and improvements over the years they have remained the benchmark in this class.

I recall one instance where I found myself powered by a 30D aboard a 7m Yamaha 23 workboat — a boat that planed easily with three guys aboard. In another instance, which I’ll detail here, I was on a 4.5m Sea-Al Seaman aluminium dinghy, which was a perfect match for saltwater angling.

After carefully running in the Seaman’s new engine for 10 hours, it was subjected to extensive testing over a three-month period. Particularly impressive was the remarkably low level of vibration exhibited by the engine when trolling at the minimum of 670rpm, although I have to say it was also quiet across the entire rev range, and even at WOT — where the roar of carbie induction often creates quite a racket. Through tight figure-of-eight turns at 4000rpm there was no hint of prop ventilation, despite the Seaman’s long keel. There’s no doubting the fact that Yamaha makes excellent alloy props!
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