Yamaha 2C

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An exceptionally reliable and simple portable outboard motor

Andrew Norton
Reviewed Oct 2016
Even cold starting was ridiculously easy but being direct-drive we needed plenty of space around us as half throttle and a fair amount of choke are needed. Once running on 100:1 fuel mixture oil smoke appeared only after 30 minutes or more of trolling and noise levels were lower than its four stroke competition (particularly the air cooled Honda). However, not having a cooling water tell-tale meant slipping fingers over the transom occasionally to check for water flow. Also, the relatively weak ignition with 0.55mm spark plug gap prevented my portable tachometer from picking up any rpm. The long tiller handle concentrated vibration back at the engine and through the hull structure, so my tiller hand didn’t end up with that wonderful tingling feeling. Oh well, no outboard is perfect!
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