Tohatsu M9.8B

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Thoroughly impressed

Andrew Norton  
Reviewed Nov 2016
The review engine required no more cold-starting effort than my Tohatsu M8B. Operating on a 50:1 mix of standard non-E10 unleaded and semi-synthetic Valvoline Outboard 2-Stroke oil, it blew oil smoke only on cold starting and after 15 minutes or more of trolling. Providing the antiventilation plate was kept immersed power astern was good and at all speeds the cooling water telltale was clearly visible.

The loan Tohatsu M9.8B outboard engine performed much better on the Super Skua than my M8B swinging an 8.3in prop and pushing the same 285kg total, including two adults and fishing tackle. It easily maintained a clean plane at cruising rpm, whereas the M8B was working hard across its entire rev range on this hull and is really better suited to tinnies to 3.4m. No prop ventilation occurred through tight figure-of-eight turns at WOT and across the entire rpm range the engine had low vibration levels and was surprisingly quiet for a carbie two-stroke engine...
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