Tohatsu M5BD

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A great little engine for saltwater anglers

Andrew Norton  
Reviewed Nov 2016
Like any single-cylinder outboard, the Tohatsu M5B outboard needs to be mounted on the right hull to achieve its full performance potential. Di’s engine has been tested on three different hulls over the past five years and it really only performs well on one of them.

For example, on my early ’70s 3.4m Savage Gull dinghy, spinning the 8in-pitch alloy prop and pushing a total of 280kg (including two adults and fishing tackle), all the Tohatsu M5B outboard could manage at WOT was 12.3kts (22.8kmh). This just got it on the plane, but as soon as the revs were backed off the hull fell back into an inefficient semi-planing mode. This is because the engine simply didn’t have the torque to overcome the high hull loading relative to the small planing surface...
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