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The DF6 does vibrate more than the F6 above half throttle opening

Andrew Norton  
Reviewed Oct 2016
My Suzuki DF6 portable outboard motor has been used on six hulls, ranging from a three-metre flat-bottomed punt to auxiliary power on a 4.3-metre Clark runabout normally powered by a Suzuki DF40, but the best performance has been on my 2003 flat-bottomed Sea Jay 3.4 Punt. This has all-welded construction with 1.6mm bottom and topside sheeting and six chunky transverse frames.

The standard 7.5x7in alloy prop provides very good performance, although the DF6 isn’t as quick on this hull as the current-model F6 I reviewed last year. The main reason is that when propping for a planing hull, the prop pitch must always be greater than the diameter, otherwise there’s excessive blade drag...
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