Spinlock Deckvest 5D Pro Sensor

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How to have a PFD that never gets in the way

Craig Davies
Reviewed Aug 2016
I'm a big believer in safety gear, but most of it (particularly with PFD's) makes life a bit of hassle and gets in the way.

I've had my 5D for a few years now, and it is the best PFD I have ever owned.  Quite light but with a heap of features built in, you can adjust it to fit you really well. This ensures you actually wear it as you don't feel like you have a yoke around your neck.

Thankfully I have not yet to put it to the ultimate test, as I'm a big fan of staying onboard, but having it so comfy does mean I wear it all the time. I encourage more people to wear a PFD, but make sure it fits you well and you'll never feel like it restricts you.
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