Raymarine Dragonfly Series

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Best downscan fishfinder I’ve used

Jeff Morrison
Reviewed Sep 2016
This is the best downscan fishfinder I’ve used and I had a chance to use Humminbird 597 DI and Lowrance HDS with structure scan. The Dragonfly screen is bigger than Humminbird 597 and it is much cheaper than Lowrance. The display has more detail than the other 2 model, don’t know if it’s because of CHIRP or better software. This fishfinder is great value.
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Comparable units are grossly over priced

Wayne Nehring
Reviewed Sep 2016
I would have given it a 5 rating, but I have a few dislikes.

The boat icon is too large and covers the contour lines unless I zoom all the way in. Something 1/4 the size or a transparent color would have been perfect.

No shortcuts. I have to leave the screen to switch back and forth between functions.

Still haven’t seen any picture like images of fish even though the sonar says that they are under the boat.

It takes a little long to boot up.

So, what’s good about it?

The GPS hooked up inside my shed under a metal roof. My Humminbird GPS unit was not dependable under the small aluminum top on my boat–the reason I bought the Dragonfly 7 in the first place.

Sonar marks the fish and depth on a screen that can be seen. All screens are very easy to see and it’s big enough. Down imaging gives me a clear picture of the bottom, trees, etc., just no fish that look like a picture. All things considered, I can live with it.

The price was a huge determining factor. Comparable units are grossly over priced.
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Detail in the sonar display is unbelievable

J. Gietzen
Reviewed Sep 2016
I recently sold a boat with Humminbird 998 on it and started looking for a fishfinder for my new boat. I was prepared to spend $1500 for a Humminbird or Lowrance when I saw this unit and decided to buy it. For half the price I got a unit that is much better than my old 998. The detail in the sonar display is unbelievable. The sonar uses the whole range of frequencies as opposed to just 2 frequencies used by Humminbird. My only problem with this unit is that the transducer cable was much too short for my 26′ boat but that was very easily resolved with an extension cable.
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Chart and Downvision provided outstanding images straight out of the box

Reviewed Sep 2016
A couple of weeks ago I decided to finally upgrade my Garmin 62 handheld GPS and get something that didn’t require batteries to be replaced and recharged. There has been a lot of hype around the Raymarine Dragonfly with some excellent reviews so I decided to check it out. This unit has a Navionics gold card included which makes the unit a lot more attractive. Only problem with the gold card is you do not get free updates. The community makes would be a massive advantage on the card...

After a short time using this new unit I was impressed

Mick Fletoridis
Reviewed Sep 2016
Earlier this year Raymarine released details of its new CHIRP capable Dragonfly sonar/GPS unit. Fishing World managed to get hold of a prototype version of the Dragonfly, which is designed for the trailerboat market, ahead of its Australian release. As a long-time owner of a Raymarine sounder/GPS (an A65 unit) I put the new model through its paces during a couple of outings on my 4.3m Webster.

Fitting the unit proved fairly simple. I did, however, have reservations about the size of the Dragonfly's transducer. In comparison to the short oval shaped version of the A65, the Dragonfly's 'ducer sticks out finger-like from the stern...
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