Profurl C430

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Lived up to its tough reputation in 60 knots of wind

Lisa Blair
Deckee Pro  
Reviewed Jan 2017
I went with Profurl because they have the best reputation and I’ve used Profurl before in rough conditions crossing the Tasman. On my current yacht (50ft Hick designed sloop) I have the C430 installed on my forestay and inner forestay.

I was initially concerned that the furler might not hold the furled sail in really bad conditions, but during two days of 60-knot winds, I experienced in the Great Australian Bright it held totally fine. I had about 2 square meters of sail out in those conditions, and it held fine.

The angle that the halyard feeds into the furling unit at the top is very important so make sure that whoever installs the unit is experienced and understands this. If the halyard doesn’t feed to the furling unit properly, it will cause you a lot of pain.
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