Pontos Grinder 40

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They give you extra strength and are a great alternative to a pedestal grinder

Lisa Blair
Deckee Pro  
Reviewed Jan 2017
Originally I thought I would install a pedestal grinder on my boat (50 ft Hick designed sloop) but I discovered that would be hugely expensive and would involve completely rebuilding the cockpit.

I had a lot of conversations with the (Pontos) guy’s overseas; they really answered all my questions, and I even had the Australian guy’s give me a call after the winches arrived and had been installed just to check I was happy. The service I received was really good.

The Pontos winches do take a bit of getting used to as the winches change gear in response to the load, but it’s just a matter of using them a few times, and then they are great, they give me extra strength. I’ll get to the lowest gear, and it feels like there’s no pressure, but it’s not super slow.
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