Mercury Verado 200-400 HP

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A sample of future marine engines

Andrew Norton  
Reviewed Sep 2016
RIP big-displacement naturally-aspirated four-stroke outboard motors – Mercury Marine has proven with its L6 Verado engine that supercharging is the way to go. And with 140,000 of these sold in the first 10 years of production, boaters sure agree.

For oldies like me, weaned on lazy naturally-aspirated outboards, the concept of a small-displacement, high-revving supercharged engine is alien. But the more I test Verados, the more I realise Mercury has nailed it...
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Mercury Marine has scored with its Verado 400R

Andrew Norton  
Reviewed Oct 2016
Unlike a 250hp outboard I tested, which returned its best planing fuel efficiency at 4000rpm, the Mercury Verado 400R was most efficient at 5000rpm – very unusual for a large four-stroke outboard. At 4000rpm, the 400R Verado used 28 per cent of the WOT consumption but efficiency (fuel used for distance travelled) wasn’t as good as at 5000rpm. There, the fuel flow was 39 per cent WOT but boat speed was almost twice as fast. In comparison, the 250’s fuel flow at 4000rpm was 29 per cent of WOT but by 5000rpm fuel was 49 per cent of WOT consumption for only a 32 per cent gain in boat speed...
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