Mercury Fourstroke 4-6 HP

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isn’t the most powerful, but it’s the best overall in its class

Andrew Norton  
Reviewed Oct 2016
Swinging the standard 8in alloy prop, the loaner six was well-matched to the flat-bottomed Sea Jay 3.4 Punt which measures 3.4 by 1.42m and has six transverse frames, 1.6mm sheeting and all-welded construction. The perfect small skinny-water casting platform! Carefully run-in before my long-time co-tester Richard Ardizzone and I commenced performance, fuel efficiency and noise testing; overall the six was easier to operate than the competition. Its decompression arrangement made starting effort no greater than the 2.5 and oil smoke appeared only after the engine had been transported on its side.

However having to leave the six in forward gear to set shallow-water drive or fully tilt it, is a pain and strange considering the two-stroke five can be tilted in neutral. Way easier than having to overcome prop thrust to tilt the six enough to engage shallow-water drive...
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