Manson Boss Anchor

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Digs in first time - every time

Jack and Jude
Deckee Pro  
Reviewed Sep 2016
After sailing the world for nearly 20 years with a genuine CQR that slipped far too often, we were offered the latest from Manson, a very reputable NZ manufacturer of anchors. Even before setting off around Australia to test it, at first sight we loved it's robustness and huge plow face.

Little did we know that over the next two years we'd send the BOSS to the bottom nearly a hundred fifty times, Or that it would firmly hold our ship against all seas and winds, except for one and half times when it sort of lost its grip. The half slip would have regained its hold, but we moved instead as the wind had back-flipped.

It's such a good anchor, we need to take care when pulling it in or risk tearing off our bow.
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