Lowrance HDS Gen3 Series

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Technologically advanced unit with all the features you’d expect from a high end sounder

Scott Thomas
Reviewed Sep 2016
Off the water I consider myself reasonably tech savvy. I enjoy playing with iPhones, cameras, computers and technology in general. On the water, however, I prefer to concentrate on the job at hand – fishing. For this reason I like my marine electronics to be user friendly and intuitive. Like most family blokes with a busy job, my fishing time is limited. I just don’t have time to spend hours on the water scrolling through menus or undertaking complicated procedures to get the screen images I need...
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In the marine electronics arms race, Lowrance HDS 9 Gen 3 is the nuclear option

Kevin Smith
Reviewed Oct 2016
Merely listing all the new features on the Lowrance Gen 3 Touch barely hints at the new unit’s capabilities. For me the simplicity of the menus, the ease of use, the high-tech features and functions, and the quality are the most impressive points.

As for price, recommended retail online is around $2999, with a transducer costing around $500 on top.

If you shop around you could save a few hundred bucks – I’ve noticed units online as low as $2200 but these could be ‘grey’ products shipped in from overseas. This is a real no-no as units from the States contain ‘geo-fencing’ that disallows saved settings on the unit and also fires off a nasty alarm that cannot be switched off...
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