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Very intuitive, great price

L. Sok
Reviewed Sep 2016
I’ve had my Elite 7 for about a month now. User interface is very intuitive, you can change from maps to down imaging to 2d scan with one click. With the 7-inch screen everything is readable even in the split screen mode. It comes preloaded with a good topographic map. I will buy another one for the front of the boat because of the great price.
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Very easy to use

Mr Bass
Reviewed Sep 2016
I had Elite5 and I was quite happy with it. The only thing that was missing was larger screen and split-mode display. When Elite7 came out I knew I had to buy it. This unit is very easy to use especially if used Lowrance before. No need to get of the chair, you can see everything clearly on the huge 7 inch screen. I simply love this fishfinder.
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Major software problems

J Hughes
Reviewed Sep 2016
My Elite 7 HDI is the biggest piece of junk I have ever owned in a fish finder. It has not worked right out of the box and has major software problems. The down scan never worked at all and the software would not go to what ever I selected it just went to where ever it felt like. Lowrance customer service is even worse. There idea of customer service is give me another $50.00 and I will send you a unit that may work. I asked to speak to a supervisor and the answer to that was someone would call with in 48 hours. My last comment to them was “your on a out of business plan and if you want to know what customer service is call Humminbird”.
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Down imagine is excellent

Reviewed Sep 2016
It was backordered everywhere I checked, I had to wait 4 weeks before I got it. Seems that this is a very popular model and Lowrance is not keeping up with all the orders. Now I can see why – this fishfinder is awesome. Down imaging is excellent. The triple screen mode is a great feature. Very user friendly. By far the best fishfinder at this price.
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