Honda BF150

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They are so smooth and quiet, when close the back doors it feels like they’ve almost disappeared

John Willis  
Reviewed Oct 2016
The Honda BF150s are advanced dual overhead cam, in-line four-cylinder marine engines that benefit from decades of Honda’s automotive and racing experience. Dual-Stage Induction delivers top performance at all revs, and Lean Burn Control automatically adjusts the air-fuel mix to maximise power and efficiency. Honda says its Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control was developed for its high-performance sports cars, and the system ensures smooth, stable idling with reduced fuel consumption, while increased valve lift at high revs broadens the torque curve and provides incredible top-end power.

The twin Honda BF150 outboard engines also feature Multi-Port Programmed Fuel Injection for immediate starts and instantaneous yet fuel-efficient throttle response. All shafts, the steering arm and the tilt tube are stainless steel using the patented "double-sealed" multi-layer paint process to ensure maximum corrosion protection...
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