Garmin Striker Series

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Highly recommend this unit

Chris Hill  
Reviewed Sep 2016
Fantastic unit at a great price, side vu works flawlessly, swivel mount fitted my existing Ram mount, very easy to use and set up.Another plus is transducer is small enough to mount on smaller boats with tiller steer without the engine blocking the signal.

Only faults is my unit did not come with the protective cover(waiting on Garmin to get back to me) and the cable/sockets/plugs in the back seem a bit weak, time will tell if they are going to be a problem.

First time using side vu today we found some structure holding fish up on the bank and got 4 fish from 5 casts.

I would highly recommend this unit to anyone not requiring maps and the high tech gimmicks.
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Very effective set up

Phil Christie  
Reviewed Sep 2016
I’ve always been a Garmin fan they proved me right again. The Striker is perfect as the second unit on the boat when the first unit has map support. I have the Striker installed on the front of the boat (took only about an hour to install) and I have it connected to the echoMap unit on the dashboard – it’s been a very effective setup for me so far.
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Screen detail is awesome

Tom Taylor  
Reviewed Sep 2016
I was having a tough time deciding between the Striker 7sv and Humminbird’s 7si unit. I wanted maps but decided that the chirp feature was more important and I’m glad I did.

The installation was very easy and the unit worked flawlessly first time out. I didn’t have to make any adjustments to the transducer and the screen detail is awesome.

The tracking and navigation worked just fine and it was easy to go back to a marked waypoint.

I can’t say enough about the quality and detail of the screen images. Both down and side scan are picture quality. It’s easy to spot fish using the side scan as shadows show up clearly.

My only complaint is there isn’t enough documentation on how to use the unit. By that I mean examples and settings. I had to search the internet for more information. Even Garmins website could use more detail on how to use it.
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