Force10 3 Burner Gimballed Gas Stove

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No ignition Blues

Reviewed Dec 2017
I also purchased a brand new Force 10 3 burner gimballed stove and the igniter worked on 3 months, not s days, not 3 hours or minutes but it worked for only 3 ignitions then went Kapoot. It was still under warranty but I couldn't see the point in arguing with them and all the inconvenience of having it replaced with the same part again. I have a cheap Chinese $20 portable gas stove, (the type that takes the throw away cans) It has worked fine for years. I will pull the innards out of one of these, which operates on an impulse coupling and not a battery, and I will install that into my expensive Force 10 rubbish. As for the numbers rubbing off from around the dial. Forget the photograph and just buy a oven thermometer to hang inside. Works great.
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Has some great features - yet sadly a few critical flaws

Reviewed Nov 2017
My 3-Burner Gimbal Galley Ranges features stainless steel construction, a thermostatically controlled oven and griller (just one temperature), electronic spark ignition and a slide away oven door with viewing window. My husband bought it a couple of years ago as part of a major refurb project of our boat... but as things go it was 14 months later before it came out of the box to be installed. The thing I love most about this stove is the electronic ignition, but after only 4 months of use the griller ignition stopped working electronically. It lights fine when I hold a match under it... but when I contacted Force 10 they said it was too bad as the product was out of warranty. I have spent the $ to get it repaired, just make do lighting it manually. The other issue, is that the oven temperatures are painted onto the steel in a fine black paint... and 1 year down the track is already difficult to read as the numbers have rubbed off. We only ever clean the stove with a soft cloth and dishwashing water... so there is no acceptable explanation. I have subsequently taken a close up photo, so that when it completely rubs off I have somewhat of a guide. I feel very disappointed as my premium price and product purchase has failed on 2 counts that matter. Would not recommend if there are other premium products on the market.
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