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Fixseal Fix15 - indispensable on board - better than Sikaflex

Jack and Jude
Deckee Pro  
Reviewed Aug 2016
We have been building and repairing vessels since the early 70s and have used a number of sealents from basic butyl-mastic through to hi-tech polymers. For decades we used Sikaflex to bed skin fittings, windows, and for caulking timber decks. It's a messy product that is affected by UV, requiring a blackout shield if used to bed translucent material exposed to sun.

About three years ago we found Fixseal Fix15 when searching for an adhesive that would stick to Hypalon as used is some inflatables. While Fix15 may not be recommended for brand new hypalon, we found it sticks really tightly to older Hypalon material.

In fact the more we used the product the more we found it far easier to use than Sika. It is cleaner, sticks to itself, as well to most everything we've tried it on.

To caulk an entire deck, Fixseal recommend their product Fix 1DC, which is resistant to UV and resists long term attack from oily timbers like teak. To seal the timbers, we use an epoxy based penetrative sealer like their Fixseal 1060.
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