Fixtech Fixseal Fix15

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Product Details

FixSeal - Fix15 is a high quality single-component flexible adhesive joint sealant, suitable for above and below waterline applications. Based on a Modified Polymer®, chemically neutral and fully elastic. Suitable for use in structural low movement joints in Marine, also suitable for automotive, aerospace and construction applications where a tough flexible adhesive sealant is required.

FixSeal - Fix15 is recommended for fixing and sealing of porous and non porous substrates including all metal types, most plastics, glass, carbon fibre, fibreglass, timber and many other components and parts found within marine vessels, also suitable for automotive, caravan, building construction industries.

FixSeal - Fix15 has excellent non-sagging properties and short cut-off string so that it can be applied in thick layers, with non-bubble formation within the sealant.

FixSeal - Fix15 shows excellent resistance to UV rays climate changes and environmental agents, non-yellowing white and colourfast black, independently tested and rated for +15 yrs UV exposure, and is resistant to many chemicals, fresh and salt water.

FixSeal - Fix15 is overpaintable with water based paints and many other systems, and will not stain porous materials such as natural stone, granite and marble we do recommend sample testing to confirm compatibility.

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