Evinrude E-TEC G2

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Truly a complete package of performance

Will Geraghty
Reviewed Sep 2016
The Evinrude E-TEC G2 200 H.O. was engineered to be the most advanced and innovative outboard engine available in today’s market. It delivers remarkable low-end torque, performance, fuel economy, and the lowest emissions...
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A game-changer for the industry

Steve Lague
Reviewed Oct 2016
Activating the auto trim function is easy, you simply pull the engine back to idle and put it into neutral, and it is activated. You do not need to touch the trim button again. To see how it works we ran with, side on to and into the swell and monitored how much the trim of the engine, which is shown on the trim gauge on the dash, was adjusted. It was quite surprising how much and often it changed. It seemed that with every steering input or swell that hit the boat the engine trim adjusted. If you were not watching the gauge you would not realise it was happening. You certainly cannot hear or see the engine moving.

After running with the swell at just over 40 km/h for a period of time, which had the engine trimmed up quite a bit, I put the White Pointer into a hard turn and locked it there so we kept doing circles. It is a maneuver that would normally cause the engine to cavitate but not with the G2, it simply pushed the engine fully down to ensure the propeller remained fully submerged in the water and powering the boat through the turn. As soon as we turned out and started picking up speed it was trimming up lifting the nose again to have us up an on the plane in a few seconds...
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Runs for 500 hours straight before the scheduled dealer maintenance

Kevin Smith
Reviewed Oct 2016
Better performance, better design, better lifetime value and better for the environment having the lowest reportable emissions and best fuel efficiency of any combustion outboard is claimed on the new Evinrude E-TEC G2 motors. After a full day testing offshore I can personally claim that they do have unrivalled performance, and the efficiency is pretty impressive at troll speeds and on the long-range hauls – considering it was twin 300hp marine engines.

Yes they are a bit louder than four-strokes but definitely nothing close to the old technology from yesteryear that’s still out there, and even at high revs I still found it more of a pleasant sound than annoyance. Weighing in at 253 to 265kg depending on leg size, they are definitely not mammoths on the transom and are overall well-suited to trailer and non-trailer boats of various sizes...
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