Evinrude E-TEC 75 HP

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A Flawless Outboard Motor

Mark Watland
Reviewed Jun 2016
I replaced my 25 year old 80HP 2-stroke Mercury outboard with a new 75HP 2-stroke Evinrude E-TEC two years ago on my 16 foot fishing boat. The price was very comparable to most of the 4-strokes. I feel that the E-TEC runs as smooth, quiet and clean as any 4-stroke outboard that I’ve experienced while using considerably less fuel and oil and weighing less than comparable 4-stroke motors. The E-TEC definitely isn’t like the old loud, smoking, rattling 2-strokes of the past. A new 4-stroke would require significant maintenance after the first 100 hours. But my Evinrude E-TEC requires essentially no maintenance for the first 300 hours or three years, whichever comes first. No changing of spark plugs, filters, lower unit lubricant, etc. The motor uses so little oil that I only have to top off the reservoir every month or two. The motor has started every time, literally at the first click of the key regardless of whether it’s been sitting for a few days or for a few months. A great feature is the self-winterizing cycle during which the motor will fog itself before you store the boat for a period of time. Running the self-winterizing cycle takes only about two minutes. When it’s time to bring the boat out of storage and start the motor again, it will start at the first click of the key with no choke to fiddle with. The acceleration is very strong as you would expect from a 2-stroke. But it also runs very smooth and quiet at slow, trolling speeds for fishing. Before I bought the motor, I did extensive research and read a lot of claims made by Evinrude, some of which sounded almost too good to be true, about the incredible performance and lack of maintenance of the E-TEC. After two years, I haven’t found one of those claims to be untrue.
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