Evinrude E-TEC 135 HO

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An ideal replacement for boats that traditionally had small sterndrives as standard

Steve Larivee
Reviewed Sep 2016
Evinrude’s E-TEC 150 H.O. outboard has been a staple of the company’s lineup of workhorse engines for years. So it was a natural progression to simply reprogram -- aka "de-tune" -- the engine’s onboard computer to stop its maximum output at 135-hp...
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Vibration-free and as quiet as a mouse

John Ford
Reviewed Oct 2016
The E-TEC 135 walks the walk with bucketloads of low-down torque from its V6 powerplant. Even though the 130’s V4 configuration pumps out only a few ponies less, the 2592cc capacity of the V6 makes itself felt over the 1726cc in the 130. Like they say, there’s no substitute for cubic inches.

Not yet included in the Gen 2 range, it’s still a highly technical and efficient high-pressure direct injection two-stroke. At 196kg it’s also lighter than most four-strokes as they play catch-up to the oil burner’s grunty and instantaneous output.

This showed on the water, where the Stacer 539 instantly got to speed in the wash between waves on the South West Rocks bar – it’s moments like this that you’ll be grateful for that sort of reaction...
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