Cruising Victoria

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Highly detailed information on the entire Vic Coast, including Bass Strait and Northern Tasmania.

Peter Williams
Reviewed Oct 2016
A highly detailed book that unlike others that give a page or tow, this book covers the entire Victoria area. Not only does it cover Victoria but also Bass Strait (Hogan, Kent, Furneaux and Hunter groups and King Island) and Northern Tasmania (Banks Strait to Smithton) . It is highly detailed with well-written information. I recently used this very guide on my own yacht delivery from the RMYC (St Kilda ) to the MYC (Devonport). Easy to understand, use and locate information.

Lots,(200+) of pages if not entirely in colour which really helps with locating landmarks and I think about 200+ destinations.

An absolute must for the Victorian, Tassie Bass Strait or any sailor contemplating those passages.

Really helped me understand the Port Phillip rip, Bass Strait passage making and the entrance lights (4 fingers west etc.)

Think I paid, $60 which for the detail was a fantastic price. Given I was unfamiliar with the area and the reputation of Bass Strait, I felt $60 for this book was great value.
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