Bunnings Solar Nightlight

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A very bright solar powered automatic nightlight

Jack and Jude
Deckee Pro  
Reviewed Jan 2017
Bunnings, yes I know they sell cheap stuff, have a very powerful solar garden light that we have used for many years. Our first of this breed lasted four years non-stop going on at sundown everyday and staying alight till dawn. We've just replaced that first one, it's solar panel finally degraded and hazed over, with a second generation of the same kind. It features a single large LED and higher voltage batteries - the light is even brighter than the original, and I mean BRIGHT. It cost us around $40 and is SS and rather ornate, comes with a large SS tube for placing in a garden, but we only use the light.

Can't seem to find a place to add a photo, but if you go to our website, the nightlight can be seen at the bottom of this webpage - http://jackandjude.com/banyandah/
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