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You have to trust your anchor - every time and every place.

Tony Austin
Deckee Pro  
Reviewed Nov 2016
When we bought our Seawind 1000 it came with a near new Manson 42lb plow anchor. Having used cheap generic versions of this type of anchor with mixed results I was a bit dubious but was happy to wait to see how it worked. My initial impressions were pretty positive so I ticked 'Ground Tackle' off my work list. That was until a very memorable week two years ago when my trusty anchor dragged in very mild conditions on a thick sand bottom. My initial reaction that this was an anomaly was shattered when it happened again on a different type of bottom. We were just about to embark on a 7 month cruise north so this was extremely worrisome. Suffice to say, after very extensive research I bought a Sarca Excel. Rex was extremely helpful and I followed his advice as to size and ground tackle. Well - how did it go? Simple answer - brilliantly! We spent most of our trip hanging off the anchor in a wide range of depths and bottom types. The anchor worked every time and I ended up having complete faith in our security when anchored. I am sure that there will be a time when it drags but in two years we have yet to experience it.
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It just won't let go.

Mark Ridsdale
Deckee Pro  
Reviewed Nov 2016
I was fortunate to be offered a Sarca No. 5 as my backup anchor on my 38 ft catamaran. So I changed my anchor over whilst at BoatWorks and then headed for the Whitsundays. After 2 months of continual anchoring in all conditions and currents the Sarca No.5 is definitely my primary anchor now. What a great peace of mind. This anchor digs deeper the harder the drag against it. Setting it is a breeze and retrieval - well I have to drive a little over the top of it to pull it out of the sand for retrieval.

Just love it.
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If we ever lose it, we’ll be going straight back for a another one

Phil Armitage
Reviewed Aug 2016
My wife and I bought a Cavalier 37 about 8 years ago and one of the first things we decided to upgrade was the ground tackle. We visited the boat show and spent a few minutes watching the videos at the Anchor Right stand. Being a scientist, I was very impressed with the way in which Rex had performed scientifically reproducible tests on his anchors and compared them to other products on the market.

After talking to Rex for a while, it was obvious to me, that he had made it his life’s ambition to develop the best anchor he could possibly make. As a result, Anchor Right has become a family business that produces a world class product made from top quality materials, which performs extremely well.

When we replaced the plough anchor with a new Sarca Excel No5, to say we were amazed at the difference was an understatement. This anchor sets instantly and we sleep more soundly than we have ever done before. We normally set the alarm for tidal current changes, but there is almost no need, as It has always reset without a problem. On one memorable night in Bramble cove, Tasmania, with 60 knot bullets coming down the valleys on each side of a mountain lifting water 50 metres into the air, the anchor never looked like pulling out. We didn’t sleep, but we felt safe.

It may not be the cheapest anchor on the market, but if we ever lose it, we’ll be going straight back for a another one.
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