Hamma Regatta Turnbuckle Toggle Swage

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Product Details

hamma™ Regatta open bodied turnbuckles have been designed to match the extreme high performance of the hamma™ X and hamma™ Pro cables. hamma™ Regatta turnbuckles are now the most popular selling turnbuckle in the Australia and New Zealand market. These fittings have been tried and tested in some of the most extreme conditions.

The hamma™ Regatta open bodied turnbuckles have the following key features:

•Polished chrome plated bronze body

•Marine grade 316 stainless steel threaded toggle

•Marine grade 316 Swage Stud

•Chrome plated finish

•High corrosion resistance

•Aesthetically pleasing

•30% higher breaking strength to meet and exceed Hamma Pro Strand and Dyform MBL

•Includes marine grade 316 tapered lock nuts as standard

The Hamma Regatta series is offered in metric and imperial sizes, ranging from 4mm to 22mm.For all technical specifications, measurements and Product Data Sheets please visit our website.

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