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Old Seaport Marina – Fantastic marina to stop at and rest.

Peter Williams
Reviewed Apr 2017
Easy to get into and not a lot of current flowing through. Has a decent tidal range but it's a floating marina so still east to remain tied to. Very clean and nice amenities block with showers 4minutes for $2 and laundry facilities. Key access to the berths make this very secure and key access to the amenities block as well. Very close, within walking distance of Launceston city and very close and within walking distance to the local Coles supermarket and Caltex fuel. Berthing is arranged with the local Car Yard (Jacksons Motor Company or JMC ) which is directly opposite the main road next to the marina. Arrangments can be made with the JMC and a key left for collection. The marina offers fresh water and 240v power to all berths. Right next to the Seaport complex with lots of restaurant options albeit they're expensive and a cheaper alternative will need to be sought further away. Only walking distance to the amazing Penny Royal Adventure complex which is FREE to enter and only need to pay for the attraction rides/events.
East to berth with all facilities
A little difficult to locate who to booking in with
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Tamar River, worth the effort

Darren & Kris Schmidtke
Reviewed Apr 2017
I have spent many years on the Tamar and its a great place.

There are strong tidal flows and you should use these to your advantage. Go with the tide!, Make the tide your friend! Even when approaching the Tamar River from Bass Strait into Low Head use the tide. You will gain up to an extra 4 to 5 knots SOG.

See Lester's post re Georgetown.

There is diesel available at Port Dalrymple Yacht Club (PDYC), the care taker is available 7 days per week but is not always on site. There is a mobile number to ring if you require fuel. This is the ONLY fuel available on the river without the use of Jerry cans etc. Water is also available from PDYC. The yacht club is 500m past the Maritime college, good deep water approach. There is NO marina available at PDYC, just a floating pontoon, where you can stay for 24 hrs with out charge, especially if you are buying fuel. There is a marina at the Tamar Yacht Club (TYC), which located in between the 2 wharf's of Inspection head and the Maritime College. The is NO fuel available from the TYC, but a good sheltered marina. There is also a caretaker available 24/7 via mobile. The local hotel also serve great meals and its not too far to stagger back to the marina.

West Arm provides a great anchorage in most conditions except for a strong SW. Dark Hollow is the main anchorage and is great holding in sticky mud. There are BBQ facilities ashore and a local pontoon. You can proceed further up into the Arm just follow the channel markers. There are some little beaches along the arm. There is a good anchorage at "Soldiers" which is just past Dark Hollow and near the small sand stone cliffs. On approach to West Arm if you draw more than 1.7 go on a rising tide and follow the leads which are located on Redbill point

There is a small IGA located in Charles Street Beauty Point for basics. The better shopping in either in George Town or Beaconsfield. Beaconsfield has several supermarkets, butchers, and bakery's. Along with a Dr Surgery, and pharmacy. Its not easy to get too from Beauty Point as it would be a 5km walk either way from PDYC.

Spring bay, which is further south up the river also provides a great anchorage, which is south of the Batman Bridge on the left side. Anchor just off the "Eagles Nest" which is obvious when you see it in the top of the trees. Good protection except in the S, but you can move across to the south side of the bay for protection.

If you decide to move further up the Tamar towards Launceston, use the tide to your advantage and stay in the channel which is clearly marked all the way to Launceston.

There is a small pontoon at the Rosevears Hotel, which also serves great meals. Approach the pontoon into the tide, which can be quite strong. I have stayed here over night with no issues.

When in Launceston there is a marina at the Seaport with local restaurants, coffee shops, located at the Seaport. There is a mobile number displayed at the Seaport for the caretaker. There is also a smaller amount of berthing space near the local ferry's if you berth here you need to see the staff at the ferry office for rates and payment etc.

There is a K Mart along with a Coles and a great fresh fruit and veg 10 min walking distance from Seaport.

Tamar marine which is arguably the best chandlery on the east coast is located a 20-30 minute walk along a clear defined pathway, which is open 5 1/2 days per week.
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West Arm, Tamar River – Good all weather anchorage

Peter Williams
Reviewed Apr 2017
Great spot to anchor at the start of the Tamar River, in West Arm. A nice relaxing anchorage for travellers arriving at the Tamar before taking on the 31nm trip down the Tamar or to wait for the tide to turn.

Visited during Easter 2017 as a rest stop on our way to the Old Seaport Marina in Launceston.

It's tricky getting into with a keel boat, we're 1.35m but if you follow channel markers you will be right, it does get shallow very very quickly in spots but as mentioned follow the channel markers and you're ok.

There is a simple unit shallow channel buoy at the very entrance so you'll need to navigate between the shallow water buoy and the starboard channel markers as it's extremely shallow on either side of these markers.

Very good holding sandy and mud and not a huge tidal range or current.

Very popular with the locals so that's always a good sign.
Protected in most winds and not a lot of traffic
Lots of anchoring options even when busy has lots of room.
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No Diesel currently available

ted sherrin
Reviewed Apr 2017
I live in the Tamar River. Lovely place, River is very polluted the closer you get to Launceston with often raw sewage so stay North of Gravely Beach.

Just a note on Diesel, the PDYC Diesel bowser which is the only one in the Tamar is currently out of commission after a boating mishap. It's unlikely to be returned in the immediate future so don't plan on using this to fill up. There are unfortunately no other sources so you will need jerry can's to walk to service stations. There are also no pump out stations any where in the Tamar, not that it matters with the amount of sewage put into the river through the Launceston Municipality.
Very pretty, safe river to be in all year round.
Beauty Point has fantastic eating venues.
water quality and Security at George Town is poor.
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Spring Bay

Darren & Kris Schmidtke
Reviewed Nov 2017
Spring Bay is just south of the Batman Bridge on the left hand side. Approx 600 meters after you come under the bridge. (Dont worry there is plenty of height to pass under) The river opens out into Spring Bay. You can go right into the bay. There is a bit of a mud bank in the middle of the bay that is marked on the charts. Anchor off the Eagles Nest which will be very obvious in the top of one of the tall trees on the North side of spring bay. You are out of the strong tidal flow here. Anchor will hold in think mud. You are exposed to the south and south west winds here if forecast. You have about an hrs runs further up the river to the Rosevears pub that has a pontoon right out of the front. The pontoon for the hotel is right on the bend in the river where the tide does flow quickly. If approaching the pontoon do it against the tide flow, for better control otherwise you will over shoot very quickly.
Safe holding
Out of the tide
Exposed in S - SW winds
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