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Chowder Bay / Clifton Gardens

Aaron O'Donoghue
Reviewed Aug 2016
Situated to the left after you pass the Harbour Bridge heading towards South Head, Chowder Bay is a hidden gem. As you approach via boat, you will see glassy waters, a leafy green landscape, and a sandy beach with just a handful of buildings around. Thankfully, one of those buildings is a coffee shop – and yes, there is play equipment to keep the little ones entertained while you can enjoy your daily grind in peace. It’s often deserted during the week, but very busy on the weekends with families and boats – especially in good weather. Chowder Bay also doubles as a popular spot during summer for kingfish, salmon and yellowtail if you want to throw in a line.
Scenery, beach, cafe
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Manly Cove

Aaron O'Donoghue
Reviewed Aug 2016
This has to be our all-time favourite spot. Simply pull up right to the ferry wharf, drop an anchor and swim in. The vibe here is amazing – with a mix of families, couples, tourists and kids all sharing the waterfront together. You can hire a paddleboard, watch the parasailing, or if you’d like a bite to eat – there are more than enough options ashore from convenience stores and take-away fast food to cafes, bars and restaurants. You will be the envy of the Manly Wharf Hotel onlookers as you soak up the atmosphere from your own boat, floating around on inflatable toys. Always be mindful of the ferry, as it frequents every half hour and you’ll be sure to cross paths with it at some point on your trip.
Vibe, restaurants and cafes
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Plenty of places to get away from the rat race

Peter Craig
Reviewed Jan 2017
I was in Sydney for several days up to New Years Eve and then back there for Australia Day, to get a peaceful nights sleep away from the motion of the busy harbour I recommend going thru the spit bridge into middle harbour and picking up one of the 8 visitors morings up at Bantry Bay or going up the Lane Cove River and anchoring near the high cliff opposite the Longueville Ferry Wharf is great protection from a southerly storm.
Great places to get away from the rat race
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Athol Bay, Sydney Harbour

Aaron O'Donoghue
Reviewed Aug 2016
Situated in front of Taronga Zoo with a panoramic view of Sydney’s iconic Harbour Bridge and Opera House, Athol Bay would have to be one of the most popular spots on Sydney Harbour for boaties. This location is great if you want to avoid the wind, and relax. There are a handful of public moorings available, and plenty of spots to anchor. Not surprisingly, it gets packed on New Years Eve – so make sure you plan to arrive a day or two before to reserve a spot! Add it to your bucket list – it really does step you outside of Sydney’s hustle and bustle.
Protected from the wind, scenery, vibe
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Birkenhead Point Anchorage

Lester Gabriel
Deckee Pro  
Reviewed Feb 2016
Birkenhead Pt is a good anchorage. Try and lay towards the eastern side of Iron Cove towards the bridge. If too far in the main stream, you may incur the wrath of the very influential Balmain Rowers. There is a (largely) unused ferry wharf on the western shore just north of the bridge. It's then only a couple of hundred metres along the shore to the Birkenhead Point DFO, which also has a Coles supermarket.

Just along Victoria Rd is a United Service Station which is handy to Gerry can fuel and (as of Jan 2015), to refill the gas bottles. Whitworths is a little further along Victoria Rd. Lots of buses too.
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