Spencer Gulf (North)

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Franklin Harbour (Cowell)

Jack and Jude
Deckee Pro  
Reviewed Aug 2016
33°41.24S, 136°56.16E

Cowell is situated on Franklin Harbour approximately halfway between Port Augusta and Port Lincoln. One of the safest and best fishing areas in South Australia, Franklin Harbour is a land-locked bay with a narrow entrance.

Anchorage: Good holding in all winds off the north side of the boat launching harbour near a finger pier good for dinghy access. Watch for shoaling water just past finger pier.

Entrance: Following the leads found on Entrance Island in a NW direction to another set of leads and channel markers south around the island. There is a shallow 2.5 m deep anchorage with strong currents behind the island. Or take another set of leads and channel marker to NE, and then NW to town.

Facilities: all the usual shopping, post office, and pubs. A very nice bakery. Foreshore developments include boardwalk and sheltered BBQ area that includes an adventure playground and public toilets with access for disabled.

Fishing: The waters of Franklin Harbour offer spotted and silver whiting, snapper, squid, mullet, flathead, garfish, snook, tommy ruff and blue crabs. The southern waters are accessed through a tortuous channel for keel boats.
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Fishing in Port Augusta

Lubin Pfeiffer
Reviewed Nov 2016
Sensational fishing for big kingfish in shallow water at the base of South Australia’s Flinders Ranges. Excellent sight fishing opportunities and the chance at a 40kg+ trophy kingfish.
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Spencer Gulf anchorages in the north

Jack and Jude
Deckee Pro  
Reviewed Aug 2016
Stickney Island (34°40.92S and 136°16.52E)

Shelter from NW through N to E in depths of about 10 m sand and rock. We used a trip line here because we had a predawn start and didnt want to chance being stuck. This is not a big island, but there is in a deep inlet bounded by the island to the west and north, and a drying reef connected to a rocky islet to the east. The shoreline is rock. The bottom is moderately steep-to.

If sheltering from SW and S winds: There is a very pretty cove, open to the NNE, with a sandy beach at its head; anchor in mixed sand and weed.

Attractions: Strikingly beautiful island with heaps of sea lions, dolphins, and sea birds. Good fishing.

Homestead Bay (Mooring at 34°32.19'S ~ 136°16.45'E)

Shelter from NNE through E to S.

Anchor off middle of sandy beach. There are a few moorings fairly close to the beach. Take one and give it a tug so you sleep well when the wind howls.

Morton Bay (34°30.23'S ~ 136°17.44'E)

Shelter from SSE through S to SW.

The best anchorage in SW weather. Bottom is heavy weed interspersed with patches of sand.

East Coast Reevsby

Shelter from SW through W to N.

McCoy Bay (34°30.47'S ~ 136°17.84'E)

The large northern bay is better for more northerly winds.

Haystack Bay (34°32.09'S ~ 136°16.96'E)

The semi-circular bay to the south is better for south-westerly winds.

NOTE: There is a narrow 400 m wide passage between the rocky southern coast of Reevesby and the large sandbank extending from Blyth that is reported to be 4 or 5 metres deep.
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