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Denham - Excellent facilities and good for a short stay

Terry Hinchliffe
Reviewed Oct 2016
We visit Denham on a regular basis, preferring to stay ashore with our trailer sailer. The anchorages are around 1km offshore and subject to lumpy conditions when the afternoon sea breeze arrives. Conditions are generally comfortable enough for larger vessels of 10 metres or more but our little 7 metre boat bounces a bit in the chop. Holding is fair in 4 to 5 metres although a weed tolerant anchor is advised. A 1 metre wide channel has been dredged to the service jetties and should cater for drafts of up to 3 metres. The commercial jetty can be used for short resupplying berthing though working with the local commercial fishermen is strongly advised. The town of Denham has a good range of facilities, two hotels and two supermarkets, all on the front main street.
Denham retains the charm of its former pearling history.
The anchorage can be lively and uncomfortable.
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Monkey Mia - An idyllic resting place

Terry Hinchliffe
Reviewed Oct 2016
We visit Monkey Mia frequently and rate it as one of our favourite anchorages anywhere. a small bay provides protection from the prevailing S to SE winds and an arc of shallow weed banks lessens the effect of the occasional on shore breeze. Anchorage is over a mixed mud/weed bottom in 4 to 6 metres. Being a swing keeler, we anchor in the shallows over clean sand. The famous Monkey Mia dolphins are always in residence and will usually welcome an arriving vessel. The Monkey Mia Resort offers good facilities ashore and welcomes visiting yachties. Only basic supplies are available, the supermarkets being some 30km overland in the town of Denham but fuel is available and small quantities of alcohol can be purchased through the bar. When the strong Gascoyne southerlies set in, Monkey Mia is the place to be.
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