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Rocky Bay, Rottnest Island

Steve Lague  
Reviewed Oct 2016
Leaving from Thomson Bay you head in a northerly direction past the North channel marker before heading west. On a good day the water on this side of the island is like a millpond. On a bad day, when a strong south-westerly breeze is blowing and the swell is up it can be extremely rough.

Along the way you pass Longreach Bay and the Basin, which is a great place to snorkel and then past another favourite bay, Geordie. Staying just wide enough of the island to avoid the shallow reef your keep heading west past Crayfish Rock and the Wadjemup Lighthouse that sits in the middle of the island. After a 30 to 40 minute cruise, depending on how fast you are going, you will see the floating starboard marker that highlights the entrance to Rocky Bay.

The channel into the bay is narrow and flanked by shallow reef. The channel can be made an even trickier if there is a side swell running. Often in these conditions you need to drive a little faster to prevent the boat being pushed sideways toward the rocks.

Even once you are in the bay there is an unmarked reef in the middle of the bay that can catch out unaware skippers with dire consequences. There are a few public moorings in this area and anchorage for smaller boats but it is not a bay I would recommend inexperienced skippers visit without someone on board who has been in there before...
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Thomson Bay

Steve Lague  
Reviewed Oct 2016
Thomson Bay is the one place on Rottnest Island that caters for everyone, whether you are looking for non-stop action or just a quiet, relaxing holiday. It is a beautiful bay with clear water, except when there is a strong easterly blowing, and a magnificent view back across the mainland...
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Parker Point is without question one of my favourites

Dom Wiseman  
Reviewed Oct 2016
Parker Point is one of the most popular bays on the island and one of the most breathtaking, featuring a white sandy beach and fringing coral and rocky reef. Located on the south-east end of the island, it is the perfect destination for a day or longer with crystal clear waters and a relatively protected anchorage. There are no moorings in the bay, so you cannot book a space but rather boats must anchor up on the sand inside the reef. This can be fraught with difficulty due to the large numbers of boats within close proximity in the more popular peak seasons, so we recommend you get in early.

To truly get the feel of the bay and to experience it without the crowds, visit outside of school holidays or peak holiday periods, mid week ideally...
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