Pancake Creek

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Pancake Creek

Tony Atkinson
Reviewed Apr 2018
Pancake Creek is a great stop over when heading between the Keppels and Bundaberg, approximately 60nm north of Bundy and 70nm south of Great Keppel its an easy day sail from either destination to Pancake creek. There are 2 anchorages in the creek the inner and outer, the outer anchorage is perfect for a 1 night stop over but can get a bit rolly in a northerly. The inner is a great all weather anchorage that provides good holding in sand with Crystal clear water most of the time.

The Creek entrance is well marked and easy to navigate and there is some great fishing and crabbing to be had when exploring further up stream in dinghys.

From either anchorage you can walk up to Bustard head light house and for a small donation have a tour of the light house and small museum which includes the lighthouse graveyard where the lighthouse caretakers will thrill you with stories of the early days of the light house and its sordid past.
Can get a bit crowed at times
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Pancake Creek

Lester Gabriel
Deckee Pro  
Reviewed May 2018
Further to Tony Atkinson's comprehensive April 2018 Pancake Creek review, there are a couple of aspects that might be of additional assistance:-

1. Public moorings have been installed in the last fortnight (19 May 2018), I believe there are 2 at the outer anchorage and around 4 off the beach (the northernmost of the inner anchorages). I am unsure of time limits / vessel length / weight restrictions.

2. There is a coral reef to cross over to enter the inner anchorage. With our 1.6m draft, I wouldn't cross at low tide.

3. Based on what I have heard, I wouldn't want to be in the anchorages in moderate northerlies or higher wind strengths around high tide. It gets pretty uncomfortable.

4. The aerial pic that accompanies Tony's report actually shows the entrance to Jenny Lind Creek - which is open to the east ... and would be a good place to lose your vessel! Pancake Creek is over the back of the headland.

5. There is an excellent cruising guide covering the coast from Bundaberg to Mackay - Noel Curtis' "Cruising the Curtis Coast". It is essential for exploring this coast. The peace of mind it provides for entering places like Pancake Creek, The Narrows and many adverse weather bolt holes makes it excellent value for money. As an example with Pancake Creek, once inside Pancake there are two anchorages in the same arm of the creek - you dont want to anchor between the two 'holes' when the tide recedes! The book also quantifies the matter of the reef between the outer and inner anchorages.

6. Google Stuart Buchanan. Stuart and his late wife, Shirley, were the catalysts for the restoration of the Bustard Head lightstation. He is also a very entertaining author, for those with an interest in maritime matters and those that enjoy a good yarn. His books are so good, when we have lent them, they have yet to come back!!
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