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Still great!

Sue Clarke
Reviewed Jul 2017
Dredging seems a pretty constant thing but usually more water on the western side of the entrance, and then follow the leads once inside the bar. The Yacht Club still serves good meals, so does the Wharf Tavern and the Surf Club if you walk into town. Coastguard operates 24/7 so access them on VHF 73 or phone 5444 3223 for information and bar crossing coordinates. They are helpful.
The easy walk to shops and the calm waters.
Also the beach just across the road. Friendly town.
The diesel fuel wharf at Kawana Marina is hard to access.
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Mooloolaba (difficult to spell but nice to visit)

Clive Tudge
Reviewed Oct 2015
We've stayed there a few times in the Marina next to Hog's Breath Cafe (Wharf Marine Services) and really enjoyed it. Everything is within walking distance, the town centre is barely 10 minutes and the supermarket 15 mins. Good facilities and very friendly staff. Planning to be there in the week of 16th Nov (weather permitting!).

The only issue with Mooloolaba is getting fuel. It's a bit of a pain getting alongside down close to where the Yacht Club is.
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Dangerous bar with dredge operating

Sue Clarke
Reviewed Nov 2017
As a Mooloolaba Coastguard radio operator the need to speak with the Barge Master when entering or leaving as his floating dredge- pipes are often across the entrance and he’ll move them for you. Always stay close to the two black diamonds but he will advise you. Quite trick right now. Coastguard often assists with boats who run aground and get stuck on the bar, mostly from those who don’t heed the NTMs - so do take care and listen on VHF 16 and 73.
Once inside you have a smooth water marina or anchoring furt
There is free water at the Public Wharf next to Coastguard H
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Memorable Mooloolaba

Sharon Smallwood  
Reviewed Sep 2016
Between the Wharf Marina and Minyama Island, an invisible line marks the eastern boundary of Mooloolaba's boat harbour. Beyond this is the official anchoring zone, frequented twice by Brilliant II. Though the Mooloolaba Marina declares itself pet-friendly, we prefer whenever possible, not to incarcerate the ship's cats, Pepe and Carlos. Space inside the anchorage is often tight and depths are reasonably shallow, but it's a small price to pay for our felines' freedom. Dinghy landing is feasible at a little beach to seaward of the Wharf Tavern. Alternatively tenders can be tethered to the public wharf, although time restrictions apply. The public wharf is located between the Mooloolaba Marina and resident coastguard premises...
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Beach house on the Spit at Mooloolaba

Reviewed Jan 2018
We check in to Mooloolaba marina every summer for 3 months as it gives us a rest from cruising, a beach house at one of the best beaches on the Sunshine Coast and access to such luxuries as the cinema, shopping mall, great selection of restaurants, seafood co-ops (x 3) and great waterways for swimming in either river or beach (literally across the street from each other). We always bring our bikes to this destination and the local council has now established first class cycling routes that head south to Caloundra and north to Nambour, Mudjimba and even Noosa.

Everything you might want and need is at your fingertips... and we like being close to Brisbane at this time of year so that children and friends can visit and stay over at our floating beach house. New Years Eve is a special treat... with fireworks displays across the road on the surf beach (or take the boat around if you prefer to be on the water), and live music in the marina gardens. The marina office team are incredibly helpful and friendly. We enjoy hanging out here for a while each year. We have learned it pays to book early as they sell out of berths from time to time at this busy time of year.
There are not too many day sail destinations
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