Middle Percy Island

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Dreamtime Sail
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Reviewed Feb 2018
We enjoyed a straight forward sail across to Middle Percy and, like our experience at Digby Island, we found the much maligned anchorage in West Bay flat as a tack and unbelievably beautiful. The bay is lined by a pristine, white sand beach backed with coconut palms and presents as the idyllic island paradise. At the north end is a narrow entrance into a lagoon which is navigable at high tide but as the whole lagoon dries at low it is only useful to catamarans or monohulls that can be careened against the small jetty...
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West Bay – Iconic cruising stop, can be a shocker

Petrea McCarthy
Deckee Pro  
Reviewed Mar 2016
West Bay on Middle Percy, the home of the famous A-frame yachties shelter, has become a must-do stop for Queensland coastal cruisers. The blinding white sand beach, palm trees, hammock and yachting memorabilia combine to entice people from all over the world.

But the West Bay anchorage gives little shelter from the persistent swell wrapping round the island. In calm weather it is lovely - good holding in sand, scenic, and handy to the shore. Anchor anywhere with enough depth, although the best spot is towards the northern end of the bay, near the entrance to the lagoon.

In developed SE trade wind weather it can be truly horrible, and I'd suggest trying one of the other anchorages in the area for over-nighting. This is one of those anchorages that, if you get calm weather, you should stay as long as you can - because it is unlikely to happen again! (Unless of course, you are sailing out of the usual tradewind season)

The island is well worth an extended visit, with its combination of history, scenery, and the laid-back ambience of the A-frame. The perfectly clear night sky here has witnessed many a memorable beach barbecue and the A-frame has hosted countless yachtie sundowners. Don't miss it if the weather is good.
A must-do stop for Queensland coastal cruisers
Truly horrible in SE trade wind weather
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Middle Percy Lagoon - Brilliant shelter for shoal draft boats

Petrea McCarthy
Deckee Pro  
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The drying 'lagoon' at West Bay, Middle Percy Island offers a comfortable alternative to the rolly anchorage off the A-frame. You'll need your draft in tide to enter, as the entrance and lagoon dry on a low tide. The entrance is narrow, just a gap between two rocky points. For newcomers I would suggest anchoring off and exploring by dinghy first, to reduce the stress levels of bringing the mother ship into such a confined space.

Once inside, the best spots are over the sand bank, which is relatively flat. You can either lay anchors fore and aft or just anchor and tie to the mangroves. There is a wharf to which keel boats can tie, but this is not public property and permission should be sought from the lessees of the island before even considering it. It also dries, but may be useful for boats bringing supplies to the island, or needing repairs.

For shoal draft boats which can dry out upright, this lagoon is a wonderful spot from which to explore the island, or simply escape the often atrocious rolling suffered by boats anchored in West Bay.
The best spots are over the sand bank
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