Middle Harbour

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Sydney's pocket playground

Mark Cherrington
Reviewed Sep 2016
On the downstream side of the bridge are two courtesy moorings for yachts waiting for it to open. If they are taken by a couple of fishing boats, it's acceptable to politely ask them to leave (and in our experience, they will do so). If they are not available, you'll generally find a vacant mooring nearby you can hang off. We've quite often spent a relaxing hour or two here following a frenetic sail up the harbour, having just missed an opening: reading, having our lunch or dinner, or just watching the boats and traffic...
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Castle Rock anchorage

Mark Ridsdale
Deckee Pro  
Reviewed Dec 2016
Castle Rock is located in Middle Harbour and is the first beach on the right as you enter Middle Harbour. There is a huge expanse of sand around 3 metres depth that is great holding. Castle Rock beach is small but very popular. In summer many day boats will visit the area.

The area in close is protected from northerly winds and whilst exposed from the south it does offer good holding. You can hide from the SE by hugging the eastern shoreline.

The are walking tracks to Clontarf and Manly for the energetic. Water and fuel is available at Clontarf Marina. If you are only after water then the yacht club opposite Clontarf Marina is fine for a quick tie up to take in water. A short walk will find some public bins for rubbish..

The beach is a very popular swimming area.
Good holding in most weather.
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Middle Harbour Moorings and Anchorages

Marilyn Graham
Deckee Pro  
Reviewed May 2016
The height of the Spit Bridge when closed is 6m, unlimited when open and 24m wide. Opening times are posted on a sign on the bridge or the Maritime website. There are pink courtesy moorings at Chinamans Beach and Fisher Bay before the bridge and Pearl Bay just beside the marina after the bridge.

Shell Cove has 3 pink moorings. A good arrival/departure point as you can see through the Heads.

Sugarloaf Bay is very pretty - if the moorings are taken anchoring is possible with good holding up near the head of the bay.

Bantry Bay is beautiful, you feel as though you are the only people there until you see the lights of the houses pop on at night. Ashore are walks in the Garigal National Park.

Roseville Chase is another pretty place, you can anchor with confidence. Easy access to bus services into the city.
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