Magnetic Island

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The best winter, SE trade wind, anchorage on the East Coast

Peter Scott
Reviewed Feb 2017
Anchored last November, and many times before, in Horseshoe Bay, made me realise what a great anchorage it is. Good is winds from SW, S, through to Eastly in excellent holding. Good walking tracks, swimming, snorkelling, bus service, cafe, restaurants, store and pub on the beach front. This is in the Dry Tropics, so not many wet days. It's best to anchor in the SE corner of the bay to avoid any rolling motion when the wind backs to the NE. Highly recommend.
Just an all round great anchorage
You will have to move around to Picnic Bay in northlies
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Everything you need

Deckee Pro  
Reviewed Oct 2017
We spent a few days anchored in Horseshoe Bay. The winds were northerly straight into the bay

Slight swell, but really comfortable.

Great holding in about 4-5m. Two or three nice cafes ashore, a great pub and excellent beaches. Dogs very welcome.
everything is there. foodworks supermarket
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Best SE anchorage on Maggie Isle

Petrea McCarthy
Deckee Pro  
Reviewed Aug 2016
Located at the eastern end of the north shore of Magnetic Island, Horseshoe Bay is the island's best anchorage in the prevailing southeasters of the cruising season. Like all such open anchorages on the Queensland coast, it can be rolly, but is usually quite tolerable.

Entry is easy, as the bay is open to the north. The southeast section, being the best shelter, is full of moored boats, so anchorage must be found outside these. The beach is beautiful, and popular, and gives access to walking tracks, and the tourist facilities along the waterfront. These range from takeaways and the pub to restaurants and a full range of accomodation. Buses run from here to access the rest of the island. If you like markets don't miss the Horseshoe Bay markets, on the foreshore, second and last Sunday of the month, 9am til 2pm.
Can be rolly, but is tolerable
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A pleasant place

Bob Ford
Reviewed Jan 2017
Visit most years as Magnetic has an anchorage for all winds. Horseshoe Bay is delightful with lots of action ashore. Bolger Bay is handy if waiting for the tide to enter Breakwater Marina. Breakwater has the easiest fuel berth on the Coast and is well priced with great staff. New Coles close by is very handy if staying at Breakwater.
Good all weather anchorages
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