Lizard Island

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A good anchorage in heavy weather

Bob Ford
Reviewed Dec 2016
Visited Lizard in June this year. Strong trades were well handled in Watson's bay but v. crowded with about 20 yachts in a small space ! Good walking ashore and fine departure point for Cape York.
Good shelter from Trades
Very popular from a selfish point of view !!
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Fabulous diving / snorkelling, secure anchorage, great social life!

Les Brierley
Reviewed Feb 2017
I've been going every year since 2008, usually stay there for 8-10 weeks enjoying great diving around the island. The main anchorage in Watson's Bay has very good holding in coral sand, but put out plenty of chain as it can blow over 50 knots from time to time. Most nights you will find a group of sailors on the beach for drinks, everyone is welcome. The resort has the rustic Marlin Bar, which opens between 1 and 3 nights a week with very good Bistro style meals, and is open to boaties, but he rest of the very exclusive resort is basically off limits for non-guests. There is a major research station on the South Western part of the island which conducts very informative tours each Monday at 11 am (keep an ear on ch16 after 0800 on Monday for their announcement).
Great diving & snorkelling, lots of friendly cruising people
You have to be patient if you want to head south!
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Watsons Bay – one of the best anchorages in the north

Petrea McCarthy
Deckee Pro  
Reviewed Jun 2016
World renowned Lizard Island is a popular destination for cruising boats. Not just because we can stay for free while the punters at the resort are paying a fortune, but because it is an excellent anchorage. Watson's Bay is on the sheltered northwestern side, offers great holding in sand, and easy, all-tide shore access.

Approach is straight forward, but there are two large coral bommies to avoid in the bay. They effectively close off the southern half of the bay, leaving the northern section and the area outside the bommies for anchoring.

Being at the end of a wind tunnel between hills on the island, the bay can be subject to strong gusts in developed trade wind weather. But except in really windy conditions, it remains calm.

Ashore there is heaps to do - climb to Cook's Look (the place where Captain Cook had a look for clear water), walk over to the lagoon, swim, snorkel over the bommies, visit the Research Station on the southern side of the island, or simply kick back on the beach. Sundowners ashore are almost obligatory, and very popular. If you're up this way, don't miss one of the most secure and comfortable anchorages in FNQ.
One of the most secure and comfortable anchorages in FNQ
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Nice anchorage

Reviewed Jan 2018
I was last here for Melbourne Cup day 2017 . Its a good place to anchor heading North a easy day sail from Cooktown. The anchorage can be crowded but we were lucky both times with plenty of room. The walk to Cooks Look is a must & across the Island via the airstrip track. There is a bar open to yachty’s on Fridays we went there for Melbourne cup but the bar was closed & tv turned off. Nice seculed beaches probably best accessed by your dingy than walking. The sand tracksare soft & get very hot . We visited the reaseach centre but thers really not much to see . If you try to walk around the Island along the beach as we did be prepared to swim some sections just too hard to climb over rocks, like I said use your dingy & get your exercise on Cooks Look track.
The walk to Cooks Look
The Lagoon very good snorkeling in places
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Provides everything a yacht crew could want

Geoff Cartner  
Reviewed Sep 2016
Our course from Cormorant Passage to Lizard Island took us to the south of Macgillivray Island then after clearing it, we turned north to skirt the eastern shore of Lizard Island.

After rounding the northern point of the Island we headed south into the anchorage at Watsons Bay. The approach to the anchorage is safe provided care is taken to avoid a large reef that separates Watsons Bay from the bay to the west where the resort is located. This reef is marked by a line of white buoys...
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