Lady Musgrave Island

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Island paradise

Reviewed Aug 2017
We've just returned from our latest trip to Lady Musgrave Island - our fourth this year. It's a day sail from Bundaberg or 1770 but, as you ideally need to reach the island with sufficient light to see the bommies, an early departure is recommended. Entrance to the lagoon is via a marked channel. Plenty of guidance on entry and appropriate tides can be found in any of the cruising guides.

Once you're inside the lagoon the anchorage area is vast. Most boats turn right and anchor closer to the island itself. If you turn left and anchor then you'll be close to some of the best snorkelling in the lagoon.

We've been anchored in 15-20 kts and whilst it does get boisterous at high tide, as the waves come over the reef, the holding is good.

Access to the island itself is via a marked channel and the dinghies can be either anchored off the beach in sand patches or stowed out of the landing zone. Depending on the time of year nesting birds and turtles call the island home. Water temperatures in August were in the low 20s. Air temperature hovered between 18 - 24 C - not too shabby for winter!

The reef inside the lagoon and outside is in good condition and the water crystal clear, although snorkelling or diving at slack of tide is best. Fish life is abundant although the fishing is slimmer pickings than it used to be apparently.

In calm conditions it's divine. In more blowy conditions it's a safe anchorage.
So much to do in such a beautiful environment!
There are always new friends to be met!
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A place for disaster

Reviewed Oct 2017
Terrible place to be. dangerous entry, no protection over 10knts of breeze. coral is bleached and dying. very little fish. the ferry comes everyday with wash and tourists, the island smells bad. A lot of dead turtles and cones shells, we also saw a few hammer sharks. Dangerous and uninteresting.
the pictures on internet
dangerous anchorage, dead coral no fish.
charter boat with loads of tourists
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Out of this world

Darren & Kris Schmidtke
Reviewed Jul 2018
Tick this off your bucket list. Lady Musgrave did not disappoint, we spent 3 nights here could have spent a week with no problems. The snorkeling was great with lots of colorful fish. We sat out a 25 knots SE blow with no issues, was a bit bouncy when the tide was high and running over the reef. Be aware that the Navionics charts are NOT ACCURATE when you approach the channel to enter the lagoon. The channel is well marked, however the current flows out at about 6 knots. The best time to enter is at low tide so you can see the bombies and the outer lying reef. Follow the channel markers and you will make safe entry. There are 9 new moorings with a 24 hr time limit.
Snorkelling, clear water,
Dont be caught in a gale
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Bob Ford
Reviewed Oct 2017
Indigo visits every year , sometimes twice , but that depends on the weather. I especially look for a period of light weather , more chance later in the year ! Good secure anchorage and , with experience , can be entered day or night. With the breeze light to not exceeding 15 Knts the lagoon is magic. Try to be there when full moon occurs , at dawn the inevitable calm sea ,sunrise and moon set , all at once !! This is magic ! Having favoured light weather , I have had to weather a SE gale that lasted 2 days. Soon felt secure once the holding had proved itself. Island is nice for a beach walk but the beauty is in the diving and coral. Outer side of reef is much better than inner.
Great rest spot
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