Houtmon Abrolhos Islands

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Real history

Bob Ford
Reviewed Jun 2018
Sailed to Abrolhos in May/June. There is a lot written about the history , see Wikipedia , suffice to say that certain locations such as Morning Reef, Long Island and Beacon Island will leave you staggered ( if you are that way inclined i.e. sensitive. ) when you picture what happened to the good ship Batavia and the 317 persons on board.. We were fortunate that conditions were light for a dive on the Batavia site.

No treasure found , of course ! Rather than rehash the story , the following info. may assist. Dept. of Transport ( DOT ) have installed many excellent moorings in this sensitive coral reef area. Typically 40 tonne x 40 knots.Get with it other states , please ! s.v. Indigo has an Erickson Router at masthead and internet was well received . However , mobile phone also worked on Wallabi Group . Surprise , surprise - also received FTA t.v. ( not that , that was an asset !! ). A splendid visit with snorkelling , fishing and history being the prime subjects and not forgetting brilliant , safe moorings !
Secure mooring with no coral damage.
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