Great Keppel Island

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My favourite base for just hanging out

Jill Knight  
Reviewed Sep 2016
Great Keppel Island has a reputation in cruising circles for rolly anchorages. This is partly because it can be true and partly for other reasons. There are six main anchorages plus a score of little bays and corners to explore in favourable conditions, and knowing where to be and how close in to anchor are the keys to comfort. Many yachts passing through head for the Resort Beach on the west side in a south-easter, but unless it is neaps and one can tuck in close, Svendsens Beach on the north side may be better protected. Svendsens — actually two beaches, Svendsens and Second — has a shallow area with deeper water inshore, but newcomers alarmed by shoaling depths often anchor way off in marginal shelter...
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Svendsens Beach, my favourite GKI anchorage

Petrea McCarthy
Deckee Pro  
Reviewed Jun 2016
Of the many anchorages on GKI, Svendsen's is possibly the best SE anchorage. Like all Keppel anchorages, it suffers from swell in developed conditions, however the clear water and delightful beaches make up for any discomfort. This is a place to really work the rule of 12ths - calculate tide heights precisely and anchor in as far as practical to avoid the roll. Sometimes a stern anchor can be helpful, but always be aware of your neighbours' swinging circle if you try this.

Trailer boats can tuck into the northern end of the bay, in a little gutter behind a sand spit, but you need the Mark 1 eyeball navigation method to find your way in.

The beaches are magnificent, and walking tracks are easily accessed and take you all over the island. Note that the property and houses in the northern end of the bay are private property, as is the bush kitchen just behind the beach. This is the location of Svendsen's Beach eco-camping, which offers safari tents, a studio cabin or beach house accomodation.
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Long Beach – wonderful northerly anchorage

Petrea McCarthy
Deckee Pro  
Reviewed Jun 2016
Long Beach is a spacious anchorage on the south western tip of Great Keppel. The beautiful white beach shelves gently to anchorage depths of around 5m. Holding is excellent in clean sand, however be ready to shift if a storm or wind change is forecast. This is a lee shore in the southeast trade wind that prevails during the cruising season (winter). In north to north-easterlies it provides excellent anchorage in winds up to around 20 knots. After this the swell round the island may invade, making it a little uncomfortable for a monohull.

Anchorage is fine anywhere along the beach, but perhaps the best is towards the eastern headland, where there is often a bit less swell.
Excellent anchorage in winds up to around 20 knots
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Realy poor.

Reviewed Jun 2017
We arrived during Easter 2017. The restaurant wasn't able to provide a meal when we arrived. Not a problem, we will be first at the lunch time service. Sorry, we have to serve the school group first. Dinner - same deal. Our room was so basic - a bed on castors which when I leant on it, rolled from under me and revealed the last occupants underwear. On exploration there was a lovely resort that seemed to be shut down. Poor service, won't be going again or recomending to anyone.
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Leekes Bay – Plenty of room, and good holding

Petrea McCarthy
Deckee Pro  
Reviewed Jun 2016
Despite the wreck of the controversial tourist resort on Great Keppel Island, it is still a magnificent place to visit. Leeke's Bay, on the northwestern side is a wide, sandy bay, with an ideal (for most boats) anchoring depth of 3-4 metres just about everywhere. Approach from the north and east is open, as long as you are aware of and miss Half Tide Rock. From the south the passage between GKI and Middle Island needs considerable care, but is beaconed. Alternatively, round Middle Island and approach from the west.

Like all Keppel anchorages, this one is subject to swell. The best spot is debatable, with some swearing the western end is best, and an equal number vying for a place near the headland to the east. It probably makes bugger all difference. The bay is ringed by a magnificent sandy beach, and offers access to the many walking tracks on the island.
Anchoring depth of 3-4 metres
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