Gloucester Island

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Cape Gloucester, drop your anchor and relax.

Captain Bazza
Reviewed Oct 2017
We were there for the 2017 Shag Island Cruising Yacht Club Rendezvous. This was our first time at the Rendezvous and we’ll be doing our best not to miss any more. The anchorage is fine although with the early morning SW breeze can be a little rolly on occasions. Good holding, passage clearly marked, both resorts worth a visit (nice to have a shower at the Gloucester Resort after a week on a 25’ yacht).
Nice beach, great views.
Not quite as hectic as say Airlie Beach, more relaxing.
Some cell phone reception.
No cheap meals as an alternative to onboard cooking.
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Quiet but with plenty to do

Deckee Pro  
Reviewed Oct 2017
The most popular anchorage lies just outside the mooring field allowing great views of the sunset over Edgecumbe Bay and Bowen.

While we were there in September 2017 there were 26 various yachts at anchor or on a mooring with new boats showing up each day on the way to or from Townsville or the Whitsundays.

Ashore there are various easily accessed beaches, walks and two resturants/bars which welcome boaties. The Cape Glouscester Eco Resort and Montes Reef Resort.

The channel between Cape Gloucester and Gloucester Island is well marked and easily navigated. The anchorage is well documented in Cruising the coral coast.
facilities ashore
can be busy in school holidays
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